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The trip to Banat in Romania has become a tradition for us. In the village of Rovensko we will stay with locals and have excursions around the area and dinner from the landlady. We will see waterfalls, we will bathe in the outdoor Hercules baths and if we don’t get kicked out by security, there will do urbex – walking through the site of a former copper mine closed after the end of socialism in Romania. This and much more you will experience with us in Romania and even if there’s something in Banat you really want to see, we can make arrangements on the spot to see if we can get it – says Jirka, your main guide and experienced assistant.

Date: 6 – 11 May 2024


You can have yourself looked after at rehabilitation stay in Slovenia. Accommodation in a physiotherapy centre in Dom paraplegikov Pacug, swimming in the sea and most importantly every day physiotherapy with Tomas our experienced physiotherapist. You will also enjoy the local cuisine and exploring the surrounding area. This will be a trip where you’ll really relax!

Date: may/june 2024


Fjords, aurora borealis and beautiful Nordic nature. This will be road trip to Norway. We will drive through the beautiful Bergen-Alesund area, where we will do a number of seakayak rides. You’re going to trips into the countrysidecamping on beaches and grilling local fish. Afterwards, we’ll head up to the Arctic Circle to Lofoten.

This trip is for those who aren’t afraid of adventure, sleeping in a tent and other things that come with camping in nature. 

Date: 22 July – 2 August


Come with us to the Dalešická dam. We will ride sea kayaks and you will be trained by an experienced paddler Jenda. We will sleep under a tent, cook on a fire – but we will also visit the Dalešický brewery with great food and even better beer!

Date: weekend August 2024


The French countryside, the wine, but above all Taizé – a village where thousands of young people and adults from all over the world meet all year round. This trip also has a spiritual dimension. We will engage in a regular program within the community – three times a day prayers, Bible lectures and discussion groups. In the afternoons, we’ll  have a short trip – We visit the town of Cluny or the village of Cormatan etc.

Date: 8 – 14 September 2024


Weekend events around the Czech Republic are planned continuously – keep an eye on this website or our social networks to find out when we are going again! Handbike trips, camping in the countryside, beautiful nature and maybe even mountains. These events are full of sport and especially fun.

Prices of our tours are not yet available. We try to provide the best possible price for people with disabilities and our assistants/volunteers, so we are negotiating various forms of financial support from many entities. We will communicate the specific price in advance.


Jirka Hovorka