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Get ready for an exciting adventure and discover the world through our unique expeditions! Our one-of-a-kind expeditions are filled with adventure and unforgettable experiences that allow you to make new friendships and experience travel in a completely unique way.

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Support for caregiving parents

Support for caregivers of children with disabilities aged 8-18 years.

Psychological assistance: Professional support from a psychologist. First three consultations free of charge. Expert counseling: Expert advice – tips, tricks, and practical advice to facilitate childcare. Support group for caregivers: Opportunities to meet others in similar situations. Adventure courses for parents and children: Wilderness therapy, a three-day adventure course for caregivers and children in nature.



Here you will find everything you need for maximum productivity and comfort at work. Introducing RadoWork – an innovative coworking service that opens the door to your perfect workspace.


Visit our wheelchair accessible café where you can enjoy not only delicious drinks and tasty food, but also friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere. An experience you will love and never forget!


Our goal is to help people with disabilities to become less isolated and more independent in their lives.
Let all people, without distinction, have the opportunity to work, have fun, experience the joy of travel and the adrenaline of sport activities in all corners of our planet.
We are creating a community of people, our friends and adventurers in general, who help each other…